2017 Millbrook Art Show

The Millbrook arts department is holding its annual art show on May 11th at 5pm. Every year, any students enrolled in an art class gets a chance to display two of their favorite pieces that they have created throughout the school year. Seniors however, get to display all of their art work that they have created and accumulated over the four years of being in high school. Along with displays, there are also pieces of art for sale for the public. After the art show, the Millbrook choir and band will be performing from 7 to 8pm. So if you are a fan of the arts, come out and enjoy what our Millbrook artists have created.

About the Author

Kiara Torrey
Kiara Torrey is a junior here at Millbrook High School. She loves art and creates the banners for the BlueXpress. Kiara is also one of the podcasters on our Crumpled Paper podcast.