Tennis Season 2015

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Coach Jones (left) and Coach Arney (right) smile back to back.

Coach Dawnette Jones, the ISA aide, has been working in Frederick County for 21 years. While she’s worked a large range of jobs in the system, her favorite is coaching sports. In addition to her coaching and aide duties, she’s a loving mom and wife.

Coach Michael Arney, government teacher, has been in Frederick County since 2004 and has been the Boys Tennis Coach for seven years. His true passion is tennis.

Jones has coached track and field, winter cheer, and tennis at Millbrook High School. Both coaches love passing on their memories of playing sports in high school to their athletes by teaching them skills they need to succeed.

During this spring season, she is serving as the head coach of the Girls Tennis Team and Arney as the head coach of the Boys Tennis Team. Spring sports come with a challenge, according to Jones, who says, “Mother Nature has not been nice to us this year. We haven’t even been outside to practice yet. However, I am very pleased with all the girls that have come out, returning and new. My outlook for the season is great, I’m so excited.” Jones looks forward to the upcoming season and is thrilled with the team of young ladies she has to work with.

Jones has a very unique coaching style. “I try to be firm, but fair. I love having engaging practices while teaching important tennis skills.” Arney described his coaching style as, “hands on situational learning and learning about why you play.”

“This is a building year for the guys. I try to help them motivate each other and get in the habit of positivity. We graduated nine seniors last year, and I’m so excited to work with all the young players.”

Both girls and boys are in for a successful season. Don’t miss your opportunity to come out and watch a match!