4th Annual Millbrook Leadership Conference

On February 15, Millbrook SCA hosted their 4th Annual Leadership Conference. To start off the conference, everyone invited sat down and enjoyed breakfast. Then, they broke off into different groups and played team building games. They built castles out of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows to see who could build the tallest castle. Next, they played a giant version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Then, they played a game where they had to figure out a specific pattern with no thought at all, just guessing. Finally, everyone broke off into six groups and played the Giant Knot Game, where they got in a circle and reached across and grabbed a random person’s hand. Then they had to untangle the knot without unlocking hands.

After the games, everyone went into the auditorium. From there, they broke into six small groups and talked about different ways to improve the school. Some topics discussed were clubs, Chromebooks/WiFi, school spirit, and electives. Then, they all met up to discuss about these topics as a giant group.

Finally, two guest speakers discussed networking, which was the theme for this leadership conference. First, Jennifer Stanford spoke about starting to network from a young age and how to appear approachable. According to Stanford, who is a nurse, getting involved is a giant step in networking. It is also helpful to ask open-ended questions and participate in things that make you stand out and in things you enjoy to do. “It’s important when you’re going off to college and you’re trying to find a career to find something that you really like to do because you’re going to do it a long time. So if you get something that’s really boring and you’re not happy with it, and you have to sit there everyday doing it for the rest of your life, you’re going to be miserable.”
Next, Mike Guevremont followed up by talking about how he began networking at a young age and continued to network while he was serving in the military. “Relationships are absolutely the key to success in business,” said Guevremont.

About the Author

Cara George
Cara is a junior at Millbrook and is actively involved in FFA. She wishes to study veterinarian science after high school.