7 Holiday Nail Designs from Pinterest

Ready to get into the holiday spirits and bump the festivities up a notch? Heres a few traditional and nontraditional nail designs that you’ll definitely want to show off at all the ugly sweater parties of the season!

1. Want to go classic this season? This is the perfect balance of winter and class to adorn your nails. Start off with the base color of your choosing, leaving one nail for sparkles and use a nail polish pen to draw on the perfect snowflake.

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2. Take a trip down Candy Cane Lane with this adorable design for you nails! Start with a white base coat and then tape off the sections where you don’t want red. If you’re not good at the small details, try nail decals!

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3. Who doesn’t love a good ugly christmas sweater? Try it on your nails instead this holiday season!

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4. Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree! We love this spin off version of such a simple tradition shared by many!

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5. French tips with a twist! Santa hats and sparkles work for this holiday classic!

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6. The only thing this little snowman is going to melt is your heart! You’ll be singing Let It Snow all day long once you get these cuties on your nails.

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7. And to wrap it all up, here is the present of the season! These french tips are my all time favorites holiday nails. From the red and green bows to the perfectly done tips, there’s nothing I don’t love about these!

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