Science Fair

Science Fair

The Science Fair was held at Lord Fairfax Community College on February 4th, 2016 from 9:15 to 1:30. Millbrook High School had six students place and

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The Science Fair was held at Lord Fairfax Community College on February 4th, 2016 from 9:15 to 1:30. Millbrook High School had six students place and advance to regionals.

ABBY_FINALAbigail Basa is a sophomore and one of her favorite things to do is figure skating. She has been doing it since she was little, which is why she decided to do her science fair project on it this year. She measured how far figure skaters, hockey players, and speed skaters went using a controlled force. “The interesting part is that there is a new theory that says when your blade is touching the ice it melts it into a thin line and makes it a coat of water on top of the ice which makes you go a farther distance because it is slippery.” She measured the surface area and the one with the highest surface area (most blade touching the ice) went the farthest. Her project won first place for physics and astronomy.

Zachary Hicks, like Basa, is also a sophomore this year. “My science fair proZach_finalject was to drop bouncy balls on different materials in my house and then I measured how high they bounced,” he explained, “I thought it would be fun to just drop bouncy balls. Nothing too crazy.” He enjoyed going to the Science Fair. “It was just a fun day with my friends.” Hicks tied for third place in the Physics category.

apple_finalLogan Apple, a junior, placed first in computer science. In February of last year, Logan learned how to do sign language and got really interested in it. Over the summer, he was looking for an idea that can help solve some world problems, when he realized that there are no ASL to English translators currently present. He decided to construct a mobile-based ASL to English translation to aid in communication. “The processing to designing was time consuming and I spent a couple of months just on research and looking up what was needed to be done in order to create it for a Windows computer as a template or a base for what I was doing. Then, another month trying to convert it to the iPad and a few weeks afterwards getting ready for the Science Fair.” At the event Apple was a bit nervous. “You’ve got the judges coming to see your work, so I just attempted to present the best that I could. I tried to persuade them that this (the project) is worthy of achieving first place.”Elijah_final

Elijah Bell is a senior this year. He placed second in environmental science. His project tested how little fresh water clams can filter water that had algae. On picking his project, he said, “It was a continuation from a middle school project I did; I kind of just wanted to finish through with it.” His feelings toward the Science Fair were that he was comfortable and felt confident with his project.

Nathaniel Stoltzfus is a sophomore. He placed fiNATHANIEL_FINrst in the health and medicine category. “My experiment was the effect of surface temperature on the clarity of the fingerprint,” he explained. He got his inspiration from an online website. The project itself wasn’t difficult to do, but it was time consuming as he needed a lot of patience for accuracy, so his project had little to no human error. “I was nervous, but also excited because it was something new for me,” Nathaniel said about his experience to going to the science fair.

NathannTAHAN_FIN Wiens is a sophomore who placed first in the chemistry category. His project was about the effect of freezing vitamin C levels on broccoli. “It took awhile to do the project, but it was a lot of fun,” he stated.


By: Sabrina Castillo, Emily Keller, and Anica Moran