A Light Sparks in the Magical Minds of Two Geniuses

What author had her books rejected 12 times, lived in poverty, was a divorced single mother, went through depression, only to have the rejected books eventually make a billion dollars? The answer? J.K. Rowling the author of the very popular Harry Potter books.

After 12 rejections Rowling began to lose faith in herself and her books until an editor’s eight year old daughter read her book and loved it. She was not alone in her opinion. J.K. Rowling’s magical mind created a 20 billion dollar franchise that will live on in the hearts of many people for an eternity.

The second mind was “too stupid to learn anything,” according to his teachers and he tried 1,000 times to invent what we see today as a basic necessity. Thomas Edison failed so many times to design a working light bulb. He was fired from two jobs for being unproductive. In school, teachers frowned upon this genius. He eventually went on to create the light bulb, one of the greatest inventions ever.

These two people truly shed some light on what it takes to be great. They are proof that with a certain mindset someone can come from anywhere and truly make something magical.

About the Author

Gwen Zirkle
Gwen Zirkle is the Junior Editor at the BluXpress. She works in the videography department writing scripts, being in videos, and making sure everyone is on task; and as a writer writing reviews and articles. She plans to be an author and go to college for her English major.