A Strong Start to the Season

A Strong Start to the Season

Millbrook High School’s Varsity Football Team played against Washington High School of Charles Town, West Virginia Friday night, and continued their s

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Millbrook High School’s Varsity Football Team played against Washington High School of Charles Town, West Virginia Friday night, and continued their strong start to the season with a 74-23 victory.

After a quick Washington turnover in the first set of downs, Millbrook went on to score three times in the first quarter, with two rushing touchdowns from QB Isaac Brown and a 42-Yard rushing TD from WR Savon Smith. Despite penalties on Millbrook’s side, the team ended the first quarter with a score of 24-0. They continued to lead the game as the first half ended at 54-8, and closed the game strongly at 74-23.

Brown scored twice in the first, and did so again with a 33-Yard rushing TD in the second quarter. Smith intercepted a pass from Washington QB Matthew Grant and returned the ball 45 yards to the end zone at the start of the second quarter and caught a pass from Brown only a few minutes later for another touchdown. Other highlights included a 38-Yard rushing touchdown from RB Noah Robinson in the third quarter, and a very impressive 71-Yard rushing touchdown from sophomore RB Gavin Evosirch. According to the Winchester Star, the team altogether put up 623 yards offensively and intercepted the ball twice on defense (one from Smith, one from DB Hunter Shaw) to make for an overall efficiently played game.

The offense lines up for a play before the ball is snapped.

From a scoring standpoint, the game went well right from the beginning. According to Head Coach Josh Haymore and team captain Hunter Shaw, however, the game did not start out exactly as planned. “We played pretty sloppy in the beginning” said Hunter, “but once we got more focused, we started to play better and better as a team.” Coach Haymore added, “Yeah we had a problem with penalties,” referencing the ones that pushed the team back to third down and 30 to go at one point in the first quarter. “We were playing fast, just a couple things… we were lazy,” Haymore said. “But we did a good job on Saturday coaching on how to avoid those penalties.”

Despite this, the team obviously otherwise played well in the first quarter. “When you score 3 out of 4 times you get the ball, it kind of gives a kick to them,” said Coach Haymore. Hunter added, “It gives you a lot of confidence and it deflates the other team’s will to want to continue playing as fast as they want to.” Millbrook had not played Washington before Friday night. According to Hunter, however, there are ways they handle facing a new team. In terms of playing style, he said, “We try to make teams switch to what we want them to do and not adjust to them, and play our style of football.”

With this win, the Pioneers are already 3-0 and off to a strong start. As with most football teams, Millbrook only focuses on one week at a time. In terms of their view or forecast of the rest of the season, Coach Haymore stated, “We don’t make forecasts, we leave that to the weatherman.” That’s about as far as that topic goes as far as they’re concerned, with Hunter adding, the goal is to “be 1-0 every week.” Both of them also pointed out that all players, even those with less playing time, are prepared for anything. Each player gets “a lot of practice time,” according to Haymore. “When they do get in the game, they’re prepared just like anybody else.” Hunter concluded that their main goal being to “win every week,” and Haymore’s final thoughts were to “Keep playing fast, keep playing hard, being physical… we know what we’re about, and what we put on film is actually what we are.”


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