A Win for Friday the 13

Friday the 13th is typically the day of bad luck, but the Pioneer football team proved they could turn their luck around from the past few years. They beat Liberty Christian Academy 65-18 in the first round of playoffs.

Senior quarterback, Mark Paxton, knew he had to make some complete passes to get the team where they needed to be. Nazeeh Johnson dominated the field by taking the ball through the goal line in many of the plays. Paxton also ran the ball to gain the Pioneers serious yardage. PK Kier contributed to the win with important touchdowns as well.

With the defense end held up by Gabe Neverath, Kevin Valyear, Nick Harrell, Taylor Bruce, and PK Kier, the Pioneers were unstoppable.
This 8-3 entrance into the second round of playoffs show that the Pioneers are ready to continue their new reputation of winning. Come support the team on November 20th as they play Jefferson Forest.