Absent is a new punk band in the community, and they’re eager to jump into a local music scene that’s nearly bursting at the seams. They started mid-February when they went to jam together and decided that they wanted to be a serious band. It was formed by Justin Bush, the drummer for Baxter (formerly Shock/Caller), who will play bass and sing; Kenny as their drummer; and Wesley on the guitar. Justin and Wesley had been close friends for a while, but Justin knew Kenny because they were in drumline together, even though they didn’t talk at first.

The three has an indescribable style of music in mind. They haven’t developed as a band yet, but what they’re aiming for is a sound that’s inspired by a more obscure punk band called PUP. Overall, they’re seeking to be a grungy punk band. Besides PUP, their other influences vary. Kenny claimed that personally Blink-182’s Travis Barker inspired him, while Justin explained that they’re influenced by Descendents, Rancid, and Basement. Since this band is so new, they haven’t played a show yet, but they have one coming up on April 11 at Valley Cat.

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Laurel Biedrzycki
Laurel Biedrzycki is a junior at Millbrook High School who enjoys writing and angsty music. She sings for her punk band, X-Ray Cat and believes in aliens.

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