Alex Stone: Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire

One of the factors that makes our country exceptionally great is that every person possesses a different story. Sophomore Alex Stone has an interesting story about where he came from. His grandfather, Edward Strazdins,

Alex’s grandfather was born toward the end of the Great Depression in 1938. He was born in Riga, Latvia. He and his family had to flee to Germany after the Soviets invaded his home town. After arriving in West Germany, his whole family was placed in a Displaced Persons Camp. Alex described a Displaced Persons Camp as a temporary facility for refugees from Eastern Europe and former inmates of the Nazi Germany concentration camps.

When he turned seven, he experienced one of the worst moments of his life when Allied powers started dropping bombs on Germany. It is estimated that England dropped 45,517 tons of bombs and the United States dropped 23,000 tons of bombs on Germany.

While most people fled Germany during the bombing, Edward Strazdin’s family hid underground in a shelter. They stayed in Germany until 1948 until an American family sponsored his family. His family traveled by boat and it took 52 days to reach their destination.

As soon the Strazdin family reached the States, they changed their last names to Stone. They settled down in San Francisco. Over time, Edward learned English and even graduated from college. “School was rough when I first started going; kids would made fun of me for not being able to speak English.” Edward recalled.

In the sixties, he met his wife named Stella and they still live together in San Francisco to this day.

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