Annual Bricksquad Game 2016

On Monday, December 19 the junior and senior boys competed in the annual Bricksquad Volleyball Game. The night started off with the juniors against the faculty members. It was a hard fought game, but ultimately, the staff came out on top. Next, the seniors played the faculty. In this game, the seniors gave the staff members a harder match and they ended up winning.

Then the real battle began, juniors versus seniors. The juniors were coached by Ashley Pullman and Kami Buza, while the seniors were coached by Savannah Pearson, Emily Lowman, and Elizabeth Carroll. The juniors held a thirteen point lead, 17 to 4, but the seniors made an epic comeback and won the match. After a long night of competition, the seniors reigned victory all over the court. Maybe the juniors will have better luck next year.

About the Author

Rachel Hayes
This is Rachel's first year in journalism as a writer. She is a junior and enjoys watching or playing sports.