Anti-Trump Protesting Across America

It hasn’t been very long since the announcement of Donald Trump’s win at the Election and Anti-Trump protests are happening around America.

In one protest, 4,000 protesters assembled and chanted “We reject the president-elect!” Some of those protesters vandalized 19 cars at a dealership in Northeast Portland. Protesters headed west, where the windows of several businesses were smashed.

The protest had been peaceful for the most part until demonstrators met with an anarchist group. Afterwards demonstrators knocked out power, vandalized buildings, and kicked cars. On Twitter the Portland police said that many of the protesters were trying to get anarchist groups to stop destroying property and that anarchists were refusing to do so.

Similar protests broke out across the country. In Louisville, about 500 people turned out at a protest. In Baltimore, hundreds marched to the stadium where the Ravens were playing a football game.

In Denver, protesters briefly shut down Interstate 25 near downtown. Police said demonstrators made their way onto the freeway and traffic was halted in the northbound and southbound lanes for about a half-hour. Protesters also briefly shut down Interstate highways in Minneapolis and got into shoving matches with police in Oakland, California.

In New York a hundred or so protesters gathered near Trump Tower for two nights expressing their anger over the election. It’s said they were notably young and that organizers were not old enough to vote yet. Their goal was to inspire young people to voice their opinions and understand that they have the power to shape the future.

In San Francisco, high school students marched and chanted “Not my president” while holding signs urging a Trump impeachment. Waving rainbow banners and Mexican flags, they got high-fives from bystanders as they marched.

In Los Angeles, protests continued as organizers claimed they were saving their energy for the weekend. Hundreds marched onto a busy highway, bringing traffic to a standstill prompting the city’s police department to arrest several demonstrators. This protest was mostly peaceful, but some vandalized property, launched fireworks, and tossed bottles.

In Philadelphia, protesters near City Hall held signs with the slogans “Not Our President,” “Make America Safe For All,” and “Trans Against Trump.” Meanwhile, dozens of students from TSU rallied on their campus against Trump.

They held signs, some reading “Make America Free Again” and “Tear Down the Fascist,” and some chanted, “What do we need? Love! When do we want it? Now!” Some argued with Trump supporters who worked their way into the crowd. Overall, the gathering was mostly peaceful.

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