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As It Is is a British rock band that started in Brighton, England in 2012. On October 2, 2014, the band was signed to Fearless Records. This band has a pop punk melodic that has an “emo” inspired sound. With hard work and determination, this band has risen rapidly in the past few years.

Current members of As It Is are Patty Walters (lead vocals), Patrick Foley (drums/percussion), Benjamin Biss (rhythm guitar and vocals), Alistair Testo (bass guitar) and Andy Westhead (lead guitar and backing vocals).

Their first album, that was self-released in May 2012, was Two Track. The only songs on the album were “We Fight Back” and “Pilgrims”, hence the title, Two Track.

The band’s next album Blenheim Place was released in 2013. “ Every Year Gets Better”, “John Hughes”, “Upswing”, “January” and “Often” are songs included in Blenheim Place. Later, they released an acoustic version called Blenheim Place Acoustic. Both albums were self-released.

Their fourth album, called This Mind Of Mine, was self-released in March 2014. Songs on this album include “Horoscopes”, “Can’t Save Myself”, “Relive the Story” and “Bitter, Broken Me”.

Their most recent album, Never Happy, Ever After was released in April of 2015. This album is the only one from the band that was signed to record company, Fearless Records. Songs included “Dial Tones”, “Cheap Shots & Setback”, and “Concrete”. To learn more about the band, visit         

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