Assassination Classroom Anime Review

When an octopoid creature walks through the door of the misfits class of 3-E,they don’t know what to expect, but when the government  tells them that they want the students to try to kill their teacher for 10 billion, they are more than shocked to hear the reward. The students have to overcome the difficulties of being a students in the class 3-E, getting into high school, learning how to be assassins, and to kill their teacher. Who will kill Koro-sensei? Will they kill him? Or will they save him?

Assassination Classroom is a fun-loving, action packed, comedy filled, science fiction, where the students try and kill their teacher in order to save the world. Yes that’s right. Kill the teacher. It’s not what some would expect watching the first episode. The animation for the show matches the Manga spot on. Each episode as its own meaning to teach, while the students learn to be assassins. The character have their own styles, background, group of friends and hobbies. Interest viewer can find in at a store or online.

About the Author

Tiffany Eastridge
Tiffany Marie Becker Eastridge is an 18 year old senior at Millbrook High School. She has one best friend, Haley, and they have been best friends since fourth grade. Tiffany loves to read teen fiction books and watch anime, movies and tv shows.