Bad Girls Don’t Die Series Review

Bad Girls Don’t Die is an amazing 3 book series written by Katie Alender. In it, the author presents a very different and new aspect of a horror story. There isn’t a whole lot of violence or men with chainsaws or axes running around trying to kill people. The story is more realistic than actual horror.

Bad Girls Don’t Die is the first novel in its trilogy. It follows a teenage girl named Alexis who is a total outcast in school and her social life. Her parents’ marriage is breaking, and her younger sister Kasey is starting to act different as she enters the high school stage in life. After moving into an old house, weird things start happening around it. Glowing lights popping up out of nowhere, her sister begins to have a weird obsession with dolls, and ghosts in her pictures.

While reading the book, I found that the author liked to go into detail. This is something I find enjoyable, and deepened my interest in the book. Having lots of depth and detail into the story can create a more visual representation of the story, making it more realistic and giving the reader the feeling of being in the story themselves. All in all, I had no problems with the book at all. I found everything to be perfect, from the romance to the thrilling adventure young Alexis goes on.

In the story, Alender provides plenty of backstory to her characters, and has incredible build on her main characters. The main character of the story Alexis Warren deals with plenty of responsibility on her hands, from her workaholic mother, to her estranged dad, even the weird happenings going on with her little sister. This is something that most teens today usually go through, making a strong connection between character and reader.

Though the story follows a horror base theme, it is just mild enough to keep an easily scared person left unbruised. The novel is still just suspenseful enough to make a reader’s heart race with anticipation as they read on. It’s certainly the type of book that you never want to put down.

If you are the type of person who loves a thrilling adventure, a perfect touch of romance, suspense, and emotional tugs on your heartstrings, I sincerely recommend this book to you. This series was my favorite to read on a rainy or cold day. Snuggling up with a good read is always a good way to go!

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Kacie Clearwater
Kacie Clearwater is a 16 year old Sophomore at Milly B High. She is very outspoken and outgoing. Kacie enjoys writing, photography, astronomy, dying her hair fun colors, and listening to music.