Best Band in the Blue Ridge

Millbrook’s marching band hosted their first competition of the season on Saturday, September 17th. The first half of the day, they attended a clinic where they performed in front of the judges and received feedback on how they can improve. Since Millbrook was the host, they didn’t get to actually compete for a trophy, but they still put on a show for the judges and the other eleven bands during the exhibition portion. That’s the major difference between marching band and concert band; marching band puts on a show while concert band sits and plays classical music. If Millbrook had been able to compete, the band would have placed third and color guard would have placed second. The next competition is on Saturday, September 24th in Waynesboro, but the pressure is on for a “double header” the following weekend where they have two competitions in one day.

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Rachel Hayes
This is Rachel's first year in journalism as a writer. She is a junior and enjoys watching or playing sports.