Better Out Than In

The Halloween Whopper has put up quite a scare for loyal Burger King customers.

Burger King’s new Halloween Whopper is already turning heads with the unique color choice of the bun. Things took an interesting turn when reports came in of customers’ feces being the a swampy green color. Burger King unleashed the beast that is their Halloween patty about a month ago and first signs of the abnormal colored dung arose in the past week.

“#GreenPoop” has been made the official warcry of the victims who are suffering from the green-colored fecal matter. The reactions from Burger King’s customers are split with some finding the matter funny and others concerned. One customer tweeted, “Took like three days for my poop to stop being green, but was totally worth it, @BurgerKing.” Another customer had this to say about the sticky situation, “@BurgerKing STILL HAVING #GREENPOOP FROM YOUR #HALLOWEENWHOPPER  YOU NEED TO RESPOND TO THIS BECAUSE IT’S REALLY MESSED UP.”

Burger King claims the cause of the ill-colored excretions falls to their A1-sauce. With this being said, Medical Daily notes the answer could lie with the various food dyes used to make the buns black. In order to get a black shade in food, green dyes are commonly used.

Burger King claims that A1 sauce is the culprit behind the discolored waste.

Burger King claims that A1 sauce is the culprit behind the discolored waste.

A representative from Burger King said about the goblin-colored stool, “the dyes are commonly used in the industry and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.”  Because the dyes used are approved by the FDA, no harm will come of a consumer’s body if the Halloween Whopper is eaten.

The saying “The customer is always right” continues to ring true in this occasion. Some customers are trying the Halloween Whopper just to have their number two turn green. One example includes, “I want to try the Burger King black whopper, for no other reason than seeing my poop turn green #GreenPoop.” Whether one eats the Halloween Whopper or not is completely their choice, just be aware of the odd side effects that occur a few hours later.