Blood Will be Shed: Blood Drive 2017

On Inauguration Day, Friday, January 20, students will give their blood to the community.

Headed by the FFA and Key Club, Millbrook will be hosting its annual blood drive with the assistance of Agriculture teacher Ms. Bethke. Though she has never donated blood herself, Ms. Bethke said that it’s important for students to donate blood because “there’s usually a shortage, especially in the winter time, of blood and it’s something that we can’t manufacture artificially. So, we are dependent upon each other to help.” She said that anyone who is healthy and is at least sixteen years old can donate blood, and that it will most likely be counted as community service hours.

Ms. Bethke said that anyone who is signed up to donate blood this Friday must be sure to eat breakfast, be hydrated, and to get a full night’s rest, “so your body can recover as quickly as possible.” Refreshments will also be provided afterwards for the students donating, including “donuts, pizza, some other snacks, juices.” Ms. Bethke said. For anybody who wants to donate but is afraid of needles, Ms. Bethke said, “The needle isn’t actually in your arm for very long, the donation itself is very short. The arm can be held down to the side so that you don’t really see [the needle], and you can just look away.”

Over fifty students have signed up to donate blood to the Winchester Medical Center this Friday. Have you?

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