BlueXpress Wins First Class at VHSL Conference

Once again, Millbrook’s online newspaper, the BlueXpress, has proved its excellence at VHSL.

img_6424Coming in First Class for best Online Newspaper, we, the staff, received a certificate that we will be proudly putting on display shortly. They were also given some helpful critiques, so look out for some significant improvements on our website!

Anica Moran, Tia Asti, Madison Lazenby, Rachel Hayes, Bryndan Swaner, Abigail Varricchio, Kacie Clearwater, Kiara Torrey, and Abby Valladeres served as representatives of the staff at the conference. Swaner, Torrey, and Valladeres went up to the stage to accept the award on behalf of the BlueXpress staff for First Class in Best Overall Online Newspaper.

We had a great time at the conference, despite some minor personal hiccups along the way. We enjoyed all of the lectures we attended and learned some valuable information on the art of journalism. But most of all, we loved going across the street to Wegmans! 

Let’s look forward to another great year of the BlueXpress!

About the Author

Madison Lazenby
Madison Lazenby is a sophomore writer for the BlueXpress. Ask her about her dog, Molly.