The Senior Bricksquad volleyball team

At 7:30 on December 14th in Millbrook’s gym, the Junior and Senior boys took on the teachers and then each other in a game of volleyball. The Juniors were the first to challenge the teachers and the teachers won 25 to 15. The Seniors then went against the teachers to have a close match of 25 to 22. The teachers caught up in the end and won in a triumph battle between the ferocious Seniors.    

Between the games, there was a break for anyone to serve a volleyball and try to hit a prize on the other side of the court. The prizes included Alamo Drafthouse tickets to go Star Wars: Force Awakens and Team T-shirts. The prizes were in hula-hoops. If you got the volleyball in the hula-hoop then you won the gift.

After the break, the Seniors went on to go against their long-time rivals, the Juniors. The Seniors were victorious. Volleyball is normally played for three sets, the best out of three wins. This game didn’t need the usual three sets, the Seniors won the first two. The first set was won 22 to 15. The second was really close at 24 to 20.

The game ended and everyone started to leave as many cars honked for joy at the Senior’s win.

By: Emily Keller and Anica Moran

About the Author

Anica Moran
Anica is a junior this year. She enjoys reading and listening to music in her spare time.