Camp Rock vs High School Musical

1:We’re all in this Together From High School Musical

2:We Rock From Camp Rock

3:Bet On It From High School Musical Two

4:Introducing Me From Camp Rock

5:Breaking Free from High School Musical

6:This is Me From Camp Rock

7:Fabulous From High School Musical Two

8:Can’t Back Down From Camp Rock Two

9:The Boys are Back from High School Musical Three

10:This is Our Song From Camp Rock Two

11:Work This Out From High School Musical Two

12: Gotta Find You From Camp Rock

Playlist Made By: Anna Fox and Emily Keller

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Emily Keller
Emily is a 11th grader. She loves to listen to music in her free time.

2 Comments on "Camp Rock vs High School Musical"

  1. Wildcats4life | November 3, 2016 at 12:24 pm |

    The High School Musical trilogy are clearly the superior films to the Camp rock movies. High School Musical proved three times that they could produce three stellar movies while Camp rock was an OK film followed by border line awful sequel. Troy and Gabriela were way interesting couple than Mitchie and Shane. The soundtrack and vocals captivated the audience while Camp Rock’s fell flat. Camp rock is infested with plot holes unlike High School Musical has three rock solid scripts. The only thing that was any good in Camp Rock was Kevin Jonas’s performance.

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