Causing Cancer to Exit

With cancer diagnoses on the rise and in need of quick recovery times, doctors are scrambling to find answers. The death rate has jumped up and down since the 1980s even with technological advances in the medical field.

I personally have a history of cancer in my family, but only on one side. This is good news for me, but the affected people have taught me a lot. Both of my grandparents on my father’s side have had an experience with cancer and treatments. My grandmother pushed through breast cancer to beat it, but she had no involvement in the formation of her cancer cells, unlike my grandfather. He was a smoker for countless years, and it eventually caught up to him through lung cancer. During their generation, smoking was less of a health concern and everyone did it.

With more emphasis on the aftermath of tobacco use, certain cancers are slowing down, but sadly some still remain in place with no change in pace. Many organizations are dedicated to funding facilities and hospitals with necessary equipment.
This week, Millbrook is all about the American Cancer Society. You can help make a difference in people’s lives while having fun in the process. Corn hole, music, batting cages, and prizes including a chance to win Ms. Butler’s parking space for a week and candy! Don’t forget to bring a few extra dollars to school this week to participate and help some people out as well!