Cheerleaders Claim District Title

The cheerleaders gather to show their 1st place pride.

The Pioneer cheerleaders took home their first title, finally putting a year up on their district banner. The ladies expected this might be a difficult battle at the beginning, with one girl out of town and an alternate thrown in for the second competition in a row, but were prepared to take the challenge. Freshman, Danielle Orth, did an excellent job learning the routine within a 30 minute time span, while junior Savannah Payne was just happy to be and competing with her team.

As the teams competed their routines, the nervous energy grew. Finally, when it came their time to warm up, many of the Pioneers let their nerves get to them. Stunts were failing, tumblers were faceplanting, and tension was rising. As Handley peered in to see the distraught cheerleaders, the looks on their faces put the Pioneer ladies on edge.

The Pioneer ladies took the mat, and themselves, by surprise. The routine was flawless. All tumbling, stunts, and motions were on point and the girls could not be more excited about their performance.

The coaches told the girls they had zero deductions, and their confidence rose. When the announcer declared the Millbrook cheer team district champs, the gym roared with shrieks and excitement.

The girls are excited to be back in action on their own turf on October 14 and are expecting a large crowd. With the team this ahead in the season, as compared to last year, the girls are ready to continue their win streak.