Closing the Books


Mrs. Greene, the bookkeeper for Millbrook.

As Mrs. Greene sat at her desk on Friday, February 27, putting the finishing touches on her farewell email to the faculty, she was full of a variety of emotions, mostly excitement for her new journey to begin.

Mrs. Greene is no stranger to Frederick County as she has lived here for many years. She graduated from James Wood and Lord Fairfax Community College. She has been part of Frederick County Public Schools for almost thirty-three years and has served as a bookkeeper for multiple schools. “I started off at Bass Hoover Elementary for 18 years, then I progressed to Aylor Middle School for 3 years and finally Millbrook High School since its opening,” said Greene.

Ever since the opening of Millbrook, Greene has been here enjoying both the professional side of her job and the interactive side of it. “I always enjoy talking to the staff and students,” Greene explained. “Whether it be setting up things, sharing stories about my kids and grand-kids, or just being part of their lives overall.”

These small moments as well as many other aspects of her job that she loved are what she believes she will miss most. “I’ll definitely miss doing what I enjoy,” she said, “The co workers and students especially. You kids are so smart and funny and you keep me young.”

As for what the future holds for Greene, she believes it will be a relaxing and exciting one. The bookkeeper plans to visit her son and grand-kids while also taking a part time job working for her son. She also plans to travel to Florida with her husband and after that she’s just planning on enjoying life.

As Mrs. Greene leaves us at Millbrook to begin the next chapter in her life, she expresses words of wisdom in her retirement email that she has gathered from her years at FCPS. For every student, teacher and staff member here at Millbrook, Mrs. Greene would like to leave you with this. “I’m most appreciative of your many well wishes and acts of kindness this past week.  Wishing you all the best life has to offer,” she wrote, “Thanks for the memories!”