College Checklist

College Checklist

Laptop Money (quarters for laundry) Dishes Food Car Memoirs Toiletries Clothes Mini Fridge Linens Speakers Decorations DVD/VHS Player Movies Television Musical Instruments Bicycle/Skateboard etc. Stuffed Animals/Pillows Board Games School Supplies

Manic Make-Over
Puzzle Solvers
Millbrook Softball
  1. Time to get ready for college!

    Time to get ready for college!


  2. Money (quarters for laundry)
  3. Dishes
  4. Food
  5. Car
  6. Memoirs
  7. Toiletries
  8. Clothes
  9. Mini Fridge
  10. Linens
  11. Speakers
  12. Decorations
  13. DVD/VHS Player
  14. Movies
  15. Television
  16. Musical Instruments
  17. Bicycle/Skateboard etc.
  18. Stuffed Animals/Pillows
  19. Board Games
  20. School Supplies