Coming Soon: Millbrook Debate Team

The Millbrook Debate Team was founded by Junior, Daniel Ludwig and will be supervised by history teacher, Mr. Lewis.

Daniel, who aspires to be a lawyer, was drawn to create the debate team when he noticed that several of the other schools in Frederick County, such as Handley High School and James Wood High School, have a debate team. “So I felt like, ‘why shouldn’t we have one?’” he said. “I thought it’s something that every high school should have.” The team will explore the topic of debate in order to become better debaters themselves. “We’ll look at the fundamentals of debate,” Daniel said. “We’ll look at how one is supposed to debate and how it functions as a whole. And we’ll look at different types of debates and how people debate, and famous cases and how we can build them up ourselves,”  and Mr. Lewis, the supervisor for this team, added, “Getting [students] interested in current events and issues, pros and cons of [debate], and actually learning about how to debate.”

“[The debate team] is something I thought would be a good service to the school,” Mr. Lewis said. He also said that he is most excited about giving “students an opportunity to compete and participate.” According to Daniel Ludwig, the debate team will be competing through VHSL, the Virginia High School League, in the spring.

An informational meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 in Mr. Lewis’s room 414.

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