Community Service

Many people think community service is a waste of time and would rather go shopping or be with friends. However for students who do community service, the time spent will help them get into colleges and gain scholarships. Community service will help students get the experience of how the community works and how to help others. Colleges love to see a seal on a student’s diploma because it show that they really care about the community and it will help the student’s chances of  getting a scholarship really easy. School counselor Mrs. Pierson said, “To get a seal on the diploma the student has to earn fifty hours of community service and to get a letter and a bar is to get a hundred hours of community service.”

Students can get community service points by helping local churches, volunteering in hospitals and in club activities. “We used to have to fill out two separate forms to fill out,” Mrs. Pierson said. “Now we have a new form so no one will have to fill out two forms.” If the students still have the other form they just need to staple the forms with the new one. Mrs. Pierson said, “All of the forms goes to Mrs. Puglisi so she can check if the points count or not.” When the student graduates they also get a cord to wear with their cap and gown.

It’s still not too late to do community service to help those in need in the Winchester/Frederick County area.