CPR In The Library

Sophomore student takes CPR test while teacher watches.

Health class is coming toward an end as students get ready to move into PE classes next semester. Sophomores are spending their last few weeks learning CPR in the school’s library. Some of the students found things to be hard to learn and some knew nothing of the subject. A select few with previous knowledge of the situation found it easy going. Students Christopher Moats, John Barcenas, and Skylar Jackson gave some insider’s information.

All three of the boys agreed that they’re having a hard time. The boys also shared the experience of never knowing these things before. Moats, however, knew a little less than the others. When asked what they had learned, Moats stated, “This thing below your rib cage?” [Pointing at the “sternum” of one of the CPR dummies] “Didn’t know that even existed!”

John agreed with Moats and added, “We learned how to not let someone die, and that was new to me.” On the other hand, Skylar Jackson explained that he knew nothing of the subject, so all of it was new to him. All in all, the boys were still having a fun time learning new things together.

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Kacie Clearwater is a 16 year old Sophomore at Milly B High. She is very outspoken and outgoing. Kacie enjoys writing, photography, astronomy, dying her hair fun colors, and listening to music.

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