Cyber Monday Vs Black Friday

Black Friday is considered the busiest and most hectic shopping day of the year. Eager shoppers stand outside of stores in long lines before they are even open in an effort to buy the most sought after gifts. Most shoppers plan on completing their shopping for the holiday season during this one day, due to the fact that all stores have amazing sales and deals that are too good to pass up. This day can turn just your average shopper into a fierce beast that will let nothing stand between them and the items they wish to purchase.

Going Black Friday shopping is definitely worth the experience. There is nothing better than going out with some friends during all hours of the night. Sure, you could stay at home and wait until Cyber Monday to shop online, but what is the fun in that?  The problem with shopping online during Cyber Monday is that items run out of stock very quickly and you have no guarantee of getting the product you are looking for. Black Friday takes a lot more dedication than just sitting on a computer. 

Written By: Dylan Boyer

Cyber Monday is an event that takes place on the Monday following Thanksgiving where people can buy things online for Christmas. Cyber Monday is way better then Black Friday in my opinion because Cyber Monday benefits people more. After all, people get to sit at home and shop. Who doesn’t like that?

The rush of Black Friday is horrendous, as people push and shove everyone just to get a toy. When it’s the last item people sometimes fight over it and it could end up to violent. Who would want to wait in line for hours just for the store to open, then wait another hour to get the item. While those people freeze their butts off, people who don’t like crowds will be at home warm, in comfy clothes, not fighting over a item that they can only get at the store for a low price. They will wait until Cyber Monday to get the same deal and wait for it to ship (most times for free) to their house. When spending money on Black Friday, no one want to pay for gas while out shopping, but on Cyber Monday the only gas you need is food.

Cyber Monday has more pros than Black Friday does.  

Written By: Tiffany Eastridge




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