Dan Howell looking at his friend during an interview.

Danisnotonfire, also known as Dan Howell, has been making YouTube videos since October 16, 2009. He is a British youtuber, who lives with his best friend, Phil Lester. Dan will be turning 25 on June 11, 2016. Even though he isn’t very proud of it, his first video is ‘HELLO INTERNET’.

In his first video, Dan introduces himself and explains what he as in store for his channel. Dan can’t stand his first video because it’s “cringe-worthy” and he will leave the room if anyone plays it while he’s with them. In his video, ‘Dan Reacts to His Old Videos’, he squirms in his seat as he watches his first video. He also explains what he meant in some parts of his first video and realized he made a promise to upload videos regularly, which now, he only posts about twice a month.

Before making YouTube videos, he was a massive fan of AmazingPhil, also known as Phil Lester. Some might say Dan was Phil’s number one fan. Dan made a video (jokingly) on how to befriend an internet star. Aside of all the jokes and the questionable tactics, Dan explains, in the description of the video, that the video explains how he and Phil became friends. Since social media was just becoming popular in 2004-2009, it was easier to make contact with internet web stars. Dan would pester Phil on Twitter, and mention that they had the same interests. Phil noticed they had so much in common, so he started to contact Dan. They became very close a few months prior to them meeting each other on October 19th, 2009.

Dan Howell makes videos at least twice a month, every other week, or very rarely he will upload every week of the month. He has other channels, which are mostly in joint with Phil Lester. His back-up channel is Danisnotinteresting, which is very inactive and has rare uploads. He and his roommate, Phil Lester, hosted the channel Super Amazing Project for 3 seasons. However, that channel has been taken over by new hosts. On May 2nd, 2014, Dan and Phil created a joint channel, DanAndPhilGAMES. They have uploaded over 50 gaming videos as of now. For an April’s Fools joke, Dan and Phil created DanAndPhilCRAFTS, and they have uploaded one video. Dan and Phil say they aren’t going to upload on the channel again, but some fans speculate that they will find ways to upload more.

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