DARPA’s New Self-Guided Bullets

For a few years now the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been developing EXACTO selfguided bullets; bullets that can guide themselves towards the intended target. These ‘smart bullets’ can modify their trajectory while in midair, which means a fired round that would normally miss its target can turn and adjust in flight to hit its mark.

So far DARPA has only demonstrated .50 caliber rounds with the new EXACTO technology, but the results are promising. EXACTO is especially useful for snipers in areas with varying winds and dust such as the Middle East as it means they won’t have to adjust for wind and air conditions as much as with traditional rounds. With the .50 caliber round, EXACTO has demonstrated that not only can the round adjust for wind and weather conditions, but it can also adjust for moving and evading targets, just like homing missiles, increasing its combat effectiveness.

Currently DARPA is working on providing smaller caliber rounds with the new EXACTO technology, and after the success of the .50 caliber, it seems that it won’t be “impossible” as previously thought. If things go according to plan then soon the U.S. military will have firearms that never miss.

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