December GIS Showcase

“I think it is very beneficial that the students get to focus on life beyond high school,” Ms. Owens, Frederick County’s Gifted Teacher, said before the December GIS Showcase. “Because they can start making some important life decisions and really determining if their choice of a lifelong career field is the right fit for them or not.”

On December 14, 47 students from across Frederick County who identify as academically gifted presented their semester projects to an audience of their families, peers, and mentors as part of Gifted Independent Study. “I am looking forward to bringing together all three GIS classes from the three different high schools, because we don’t have an opportunity to get together,” Ms. Owens said before the event. GIS is a program available only to gifted students so that they may have the opportunity to study the profession that they see themselves doing in the future. The students from the class at Millbrook, fifteen in total, presented projects on topics ranging from being a veterinarian, writing a novel, crime investigation, and graphic design.

The focus concept of this semester was community and was seen in the high schools’ outreach projects. Millbrook’s focused on teaching safe driving, prompted by past events here at the school. “I’m really excited that the students are going to be able to stand up in front of everyone and do some public speaking, to introduce themselves and to recognize their mentors,” Ms. Owens said. “Our community is really invested in education and that’s so obvious when you see 46 different professionals from the community who have said, ‘yes, I’ll be a mentor for one of these young people.’”

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