Did Clinton Experience her Worst Week?

Did Clinton Experience her Worst Week?

Hillary Clinton has had an eventful week in the eyes of the media. She started the week of by calling half of Trump’s supporters a "basket of deplorab

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Hillary Clinton has had an eventful week in the eyes of the media. She started the week of by calling half of Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables”.  She claimed they would be included in the “basket of deplorables” since they are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it.” According to Hillary, Donald Trump gives those people a voice. The other half of Trump supporters are described by Hillary as people “who feel the government has let them down” and that “no one cares about them.” Hillary said they need to be understood and empathized with too.

The Trump Campaign responded with several tweets and Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence said that Hillary should be disqualified from running for Presidency because of the “deplorable” comment. He said that Trump supporters are hard-working Americans that deserve her respect. Trump’s campaign manager weighed in on the matter and called for Hillary to apologize. On September 10th, the Clinton campaign released a statement saying that she was “grossly generalistic” and she regrets saying ‘half’ of his supporters because that was wrong. She proceeded, in the same statement, to call out how Donald Trump’s “alt-right” values that are the platform of his campaign are deplorable because they are supported by David Duke and other white supremacists. Clinton claims that she will continue to bring attention to the racism and bigotry along the campaign trail. She said that empathy needs felt for all Americans, especially those who feel left behind by the economy and the government. Trump, in response, said that although many of her supporters will never vote for him, he still respects them.

Hillary Clinton experienced a medical event at the 9/11 Memorial on Sunday, September 11th. As she was leaving the event, she was seen struggling to get into a car and almost falling if it wasn’t for the support from staffers. When the video surfaced of Clinton falling, many began to question her health. Quickly the campaign released that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on September 9th, the previous Friday, and had become dehydrated at the memorial. The statement also said she was recovering at home nicely. A trip to California for fundraisers and a speech was cancelled due to her falling ill. Although Clinton is ill, the campaign must keep going, so former President Bill Clinton and President Obama have stepped in her place at many events around the country. Clinton’s illness has caused many to question her good health and it has affected her campaign. Clinton is taking time to prepare for debates so that she can overcome what could have been the worst week of her campaign.