Did you know we have a golf team?

Evan Argiro is a junior at Millbrook High School. This is his second year playing golf for Millbrook.

A sport that most people don’t know Millbrook has to offer is golf. Believe it or not Millbrook has its very own boys varsity golf team coached by Mr. Mark Manspile . A member of the boys varsity team is Evan Argiro. Evan is a sixteen year old who is going through his junior year at Millbrook. He joined the Millbrook varsity team his sophomore year. At an early age he saw the great American cinematic classic “Happy Gilmore”, winner of the MTV movie award for best fight in 1996. After seeing the film, Evan Argiro decided he wanted to play golf. He has been playing golf for the last ten years. Over the years, Evan has become quite good at golf.

As you might have noticed, Millbrook does not have a golf course on campus. So every day after school, between three thirty and six o’clock, the golf team practices at Blue Ridge Shadows in Front Royal. Most of their matches are at Blue Ridge Shadows but occasionally they play matches at Shenandoah Valley Golf Club and Winchester Country Club. So if you ever get the chance you should go out and support Millbrook’s golf team.

Evan says his biggest challenge he faces in golf is lakes and sand traps. Some goals he has accomplished over the years is winning various golf tournaments and improving his skills. Happy Gilmore is still his personal hero and role model he looks up to. Some advice would Evan likes to share to people starting or wanting to do golf is to stick with it. He says it’s hard at first but as time goes by you’ll get the hang of it.

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Luke Rangel
Luke is a junior at Millbrook. Luke enjoy's listening to awful music, "playing" the guitar and what's the point of being in a punk rock band without your best friend?