Doctor Strange Review

Doctor Strange is a wonderful demonstration of Marvel’s ability to step outside the box and still produce an amazing movie. Benedict Cumberbatch put out another great performance as Dr. Stephen Strange.

The movie focused on Dr. Strange as he attempted to regain full mobility of his hands and resume his work as a neurosurgeon after a horrible car crash. Strange travels around the world spending his last penny in one final attempt to heal himself. Strange studies hard, but can’t seem to figure out magic.

The worst part of the movie was THEY CHANGED THE MARVEL OPENING. It now includes fewer comics and more of the characters from the movies and while it didn’t look bad, it just didn’t feel the same and felt more movie centric rather than their primary focus being comic books.

Doctor Strange was fantastic and hid several easter eggs from other Marvel movies and even some non-Marvel related references to things like Sherlock (a BBC show starring Benedict Cumberbatch). It was definitely a fun movie with an interesting plot any Marvel fan will love.

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  1. The movie was a disappointment. I thought it was going to be amazing but at most it was mediocre. I want my eleven bucks back Marvel.

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