Election 2016- The Results

November 8, 2016 was a highly anticipated day for America. Americans had many choices to make on their ballots, especially for President. Polls opened at 6:00 AM and history was determined throughout the day by millions of Americans.  

The local Congressional Race was close between Barbara Comstock and LuAnn Bennett. During the beginning of the votes being reported, the race was 50/50. As the night went on, Comstock began a growing lead over Bennett. The race ended with Barbara Comstock winning with 53% of the votes, while LuAnn Bennett won 47%. Barbara Comstock won Winchester with 52.33% and Frederick County with 70.23%. Bennett congratulated Comstock on her hard fought win. Before her victory speech, Comstock walked onto the song “Another One Bites the Dust”, describing her second win over an opponent for Congress. In her victory speech, Barbara Comstock thanked her staff, team of interns, and the voters who came out for her. Comstock also promised to keep fighting for the 10th District.

The Presidential Race declared Donald J. Trump the President-elect of the United States of America. Trump won 279 electoral votes while Clinton won 228 electoral votes. Clinton won the popular vote. As the votes were counted, each candidate and their supporters were sitting on edge. Trump won many ‘toss-up’ states such as Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Through the many states he won, Trump acquired the 270+ electoral votes to be declared the winner. Clinton is expected to deliver her concession speech today, November 9. Trump’s victory was unexpected to many Americans based on pre-election polls.

The Republican Party emerged victorious through the 2016 election cycle with holding the majority in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. Senate races like Marco Rubio (FL- R)  and Pat Toomey (PA-R) are large victories for the party. Not only do the Republicans hold the majority in the legislative branch, but they won the Presidency with Donald J. Trump.   

About the Author

Abby Varricchio
Abby is a sophomore and a first year member of the BlueXpress. She is involved in writing, videography , and marketing. Abby enjoys politics and hopes to run for Congress one day.