Europe Trip Travel Log: England Week 2

Europe Trip Travel Log: England Week 2

So we started the week off by spending a day returning back from Durham, arriving back in London and making a pitstop at Platform 9 3/4 in King's Cros

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So we started the week off by spending a day returning back from Durham, arriving back in London and making a pitstop at Platform 9 3/4 in King’s Cross.

A twine orb in the area where we ate lunch in the museum.

On Tuesday, we rode the bus and took a walk in the rain to get to the Victoria and Albert museum, where Hal and my mom paired together and Pippa and I walked around the six-story museum. We’re planning on going back since there is so much we didn’t get to see. We had lunch in the “famous” room of the cafe, and the food was quite good. They had an amazing theater exhibit, as well as many others.

The next day was a relaxing day, with a show at night. We went to go see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. This was my second time seeing it here in London, and I read the book. I really enjoyed the performance, as did everyone else.

A monkey at the zoo.

On Thursday, Hal was not feeling well so Pippa, my mom and I went to the zoo, leaving him home alone. We walked through the park to get there. There were many new babies making first appearances at the zoo, including many monkeys, a gorilla and baby tiger cubs. The trip and animals were very fascinating.

By Friday, Hal was still not feeling better, so once again we went out without him. We made our way down to the Camden Market and shopped the entire day, stopping to get milkshakes and baked goods at an amazing gluten free place, which we are going to have to go back to before we leave. I got two dresses and some presents, while Pippa got a jacket and a hat, and my mom got a backpack. There were so many shops, you could spend days in that market and still have much more to see! We also walked down to Abbey Road and crossed over the famous crosswalk, although at a brisk pace because we were getting in everyone’s pictures, and on every driver’s nerves.

Hal, Pippa and I in front of Tower Bridge.

On Saturday, we decided it would be best for Hal to get out and go to a pharmacy to get some medicine, so once again we split into pairs with me in charge of Pippa. We walked through the Portobello Road Market and found a gluten free falafel to eat for lunch, as well as a couple more gifts. We wandered for a while before heading back to the house. Before we made it back, we bought fresh fruit juice to finish off the day. I got strawberry mango and Pippa got sweet watermelon.

On Sunday, the last day of this week, we went to the Tower of London and wandered through the great tower. We watched reenactments and I was paired with Pippa again throughout the museum area and jewels because Hal began to feel sick again. We got a snack at the cafe and, after taking a couple more pictures and videos with the London Bridge, made the trip back home.

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