Europe Trip Travel Log: England Week 3

Family photo taken while visiting family in Southend.

To start off this week, we went to visit family down in Southend. After a train ride and car ride to meet up with everyone, and a quick drink, we spent a while at the gorgeous river beach eating ice cream and playing around. Then we went to lunch and the amusement park by the beach. After, we went back to their house for some tea and sweets before catching the train back to London.

The Thames River in Southend.

On Tuesday, Hal stayed home while the girls went out to Kensington Palace where we walked around the exhibits and had some tea before walking through the gardens. The heat was brutal so we headed back to the house not much later. We dropped Pippa off and my mom and I ventured out to find her colleague who had extra tickets for Macbeth at the globe. Long story short, we never found him and after waiting an hour and a half with no response over text or Facebook, decided to walk along the river and have dinner, which we also had to wait an hour and a half to be seated for. However, the night didn’t end there. Once we got on the bus to go home, the door broke and the bus driver couldn’t get it open. He kept turning the bus all the way off and back on again and pressing buttons rapidly but nothing would work. We sat there for about 10 minutes and eventually, the same bus pulled up behind us and the bus driver let us out to change buses. It was an adventure, to say the least.

By Wednesday it was still super hot, but we took a boat out to Greenwich and spent the day there and while we were walking back to the boat, we found a Helter Skelter slide and my mom paid for both Pippa and I do go on it. It was very pretty up top and really fun.

Thursday was a down day with getting caught up on work, errands and other things we needed to do.


Flowers in Kew Gardens.

Friday rolled around and we spent the day in The British Museum and going to a church service in St. Paul’s Cathedral in Westminster Abbey.


On Saturday, we took a train to Hampton Court Palace and walked around there, learning about Henry VIII and other royals. Then we rode another train to Kew Gardens, which was absolutely beautiful. On our way to the gardens, we watched a little bit of a cricket match as well.

Sunday was a down day where we mostly caught up on things, ran errands and watched tv.


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