Europe Trip Travel Log: England Week 4

The inspiration for the great hall in Harry Potter.

To start the week off, we traveled to Oxford. Hal is a huge Harry Potter fan, so he had a great time there, as a great amount of the Harry Potter movies were filmed there. We walked around a couple of the campuses and then my mom and Hal went on a Harry Potter tour while Pippa and I shopped around.

On Tuesday, Hal stayed home once again as the girls ventured to Windsor Castle. We went through

More family visits in Milton Keynes.

the apartments and the castle and eventually got some ice cream. Pippa did not want to go into the dollhouse, so she and my mom went to the chapel and I went around the dollhouse. It was really cool and worth the wait. After, I met up with them in the beautiful chapel and after exploring a bit more, we made our way to Motown the musical. The musical had great music and made you want to get up and dance, however, the script and acting could have been better.


The next day we traveled to Milton Keynes to see family and went out to lunch, and then came back home.


Wembley park seating.

On Thursday, we toured Wembley Park. The tour was exclusive and pretty cool. We went through the press room, locker rooms, and finally, out onto the field. In the locker rooms, many soccer jerseys were on display, such as Rooney’s, Beckham’s and Messi’s, as well as some NFL jerseys. After the tour, we shopped around in the gift shop for a bit and then we made our way to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Hal, Pippa and I climbed the insane amount of narrow, scary steps to get to the top of the cathedral and the view was spectacular. I will admit, however, that I did get a bit anxious when climbing and descending the stairs.


Friday rolled around and it was finally time to go home. We rode on the underground for the last time all the way to the airport. Once we passed security, I was left to fend for myself, while also keeping track of Hal and Pippa, and after a lot of anxiety, we made it back safely.

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