Europe Trip Travel Log: Naarden, Holland

After Prague, we went to Holland, following our family heritage.

Walking 1.5 miles into town for dinner.

We rode two trains, one during the day for eight hours and a sleeper car overnight. We stopped in Germany
to change trains and by the time we got to Naarden we were very tired. However, we walked the mile and a half into town for dinner and to
go get groceries for the next couple of days. We ate at VIDA and ended up buying 5 rolls of gluten free bread from them. The food was very good and the server was ecstatic to serve us.

The next day we walked once again into town, except in the rain this time. We went to the Comenius Museum where his supposed burial site is also located. After the museum, we had lunch in a cafe and mostly shopped for the rest of the day until dinner, where we returned to VIDA to eat. We then walked back to the place we were staying and prepared for our trips into Amsterdam for the next couple of days.
Watch the Naarden video:

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