Express Yourself


Sky Notter, a junior said “a lot of people might judge you first about what you wear.” She has realized that if you forget about society and be true to yourself, what other people think doesn’t matter.

Sky Notter loves to sing and help out anyone in need, as well as small animals. However, her fashion is something Sky uses to express herself. In a way, she likes going against society’s norms. Sky said her favorite color is either rainbow with glitter or black. She loves to hit thrift shops for most of her clothes because she loves finding cheap cool things there.

As Sky said, “Everyone is beautiful in their own way, including myself.” She also said that although sometimes she may be looked at differently for expressing herself, as she talks a lot and sing out loud, she believes that “as long as you are yourself that is glorified enough.”

Sky is very happy with being her complete self.