Failure to Success: Lucille Ball and Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney

The well known, recent vice president and ongoing business man had a tough time in college. He did well enough in high school to get into Yale, but ended up flunking out, for the first time. On his second try to achieve his degree, he also flunked out. Third time must have been a charm for the successful VP and business man, as he got a Bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of Wyoming.


Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball, most widely known as the star of, I Love Lucy, had never made a name for herself. She was a failed actress and B movie star. While her instructors told her to pursue another career, she continued to follow her passion and soon got offered a star position. She was happy to prove anyone who doubted her wrong and has done so throughout her career. Since then, she has received 13 Emmy nominations, 4 of which have resulted in wins.