Failure To Success: Harry Truman & Robert Sternberg

Harry S. Truman is the 33rd president of the United States. When he started a store selling clothing, it was quite successful. After a few year, his store went bankrupt. Truman tried business two other times, but failed. His three business failures were before he was the age of 36. Truman and his family had to live with his mother-in-law in order to live. Truman accomplished many things most people wouldn’t see coming. He created the Marshall Plan and had a successful closure of World War 2.

Robert Sternberg is a psychologist and psychometrician. Sternberg had test anxiety as a child, so he didn’t do very well on his tests. He marked higher scores when he was in a room with younger students. He was an undergraduate at Yale. Ironically, Sternberg did very poorly in his psychology class and his teacher insisted on finding another major. He would eventually work at Yale for thirty years. Sternberg has a BA from Yale and a PhD from Stanford. He holds thirteen honorary doctorates. Sternberg was president of University of Wyoming and the American Psychological Association. He was a professor at Yale, Tufts, and Oklahoma State University.


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