Failure to Success: Mark Wahlberg & Michael Jordan

Failure to Success: Mark Wahlberg & Michael Jordan

Many famous inventors, athletes, and other public figures are known for their incredible careers. However, many people don’t seem to realize the strug

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Many famous inventors, athletes, and other public figures are known for their incredible careers. However, many people don’t seem to realize the struggles that these celebrities went through in order to accomplish their goals. This is the Success After Failure of Mark Wahlberg and Michael Jordan.

Born on June 5, 1971, in Boston, Massachusetts, Mark was the youngest of nine children. His parents, Alma and Donald Wahlberg, lived in the poor-class district of Dorchester and were of Irish and Swedish descent. His mother worked as a nurse, and his father was a delivery man, and although they were employed, money was scarce in the Wahlberg household. At eleven years old, his parents divorced, which began a very violent childhood for the young Mark.

At age 14, Mark dropped out of high school, allowing drugs, fights, and other problems to fill his teenage years. An incident involving him assaulting two Vietnamese boys led him to serve a 50 day sentence, which he credits to not only the beginning of his muscular physique, but the motivation to turn his life around, and that he did.

He and his brother, Donnie Wahlberg, rose to fame as the pop artist group, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. For years, they dominated the music industry, especially with their popular song “Good Vibrations” in 1991. As the years continued, Mark soon appeared in advertisements and movies, propelling his career even farther than he ever imagined. He starred in countless movies, such as “Boogie Nights” and “Planet of the Apes”, and he continues to impact the movie industry to this day, starring in current films like “Lone Survivor” and “Ted.”

At 44 years old, Mark Wahlberg has had a major turnaround since his childhood years. Although he does not appear in as many films as he once used to, he uses his time wisely, either working on his physicality or donating to a cause, like the current Flint Water Crisis. Wahlberg’s incredible story and life inspire many of his fans, who look up to him and hope to do as much good as he did then and does now.

Michael Jordan, a popular inspiration amongst athletes of all sports, grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina. Although known for his amazing talent in basketball, Jordan’s journey to the NBA was not as easy as one may think. For instance, the Hall of Famer was cut from his high school basketball team, a crushing moment in young Jordan’s career. However, he did not let this discourage him and continued to push towards success.

Years later, Jordan found himself starting for the University of North Carolina, where he left behind an impressive career. Following his junior year, he left the Tar Heels and joined the NBA and was drafted by the Chicago Bulls. While on the team, he led them to six NBA championships, and earned countless MVP awards and other recognitions. He appeared on the US Olympics team twice, in 1984 and again on the “dream team” in 1992. He continued to dominate the NBA scene, taking off a brief period to pursue a career in baseball, but returned after unsuccessful attempts. In 2003, Jordan officially retired, but people still refer to him as the face of the NBA. He now owns the Charlotte Hornets and other businesses, continuing to grow happily and successfully with his wife and children.