Failure to Success: Vincent Van Gogh & Stephen King

Vincent Van Gogh


While Vincent Van Gogh was alive, he only sold one of his paintings. The single painting he sold was to a friend and he didn’t even sell it for much. Even though he had no success with this, he kept pushing himself to make more pieces, sometimes even starving himself to finish his work. He made over 800 well known paintings.  Now that he is dead, his work is greatly appreciated and is sold for hundreds of millions.


Stephen King


The first book that Stephen King ever wrote was his iconic thriller “Carrie” and he submitted it 30 times. All were rejections. He eventually threw it out thinking it would never be published. His wife pulled the book out of the trash and urged him to try again. The book was then published and now he has written hundreds of books, many which have been made into movies. He is now known as one of the bestselling author of all time.