Failure To Success: Ford & Spielburg

Harrison Ford is known as an iconic American actor and film producer. He’s portrayed roles such as Han Solo in Star Wars (created by George Lucas) and Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones franchises (created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg), which he is most famous for. But Ford wasn’t always considered an outstanding actor. In fact when he was in his first film, the movie execs told him he wasn’t star quality and that he didn’t have what it takes.Today Harrison can show proudly that he does.

Steven Spielberg is known for being a famous American director, producer and screenwriter. He is credited for creating ET, Jurassic Park, Jaws, and the Indiana Jones franchises, just to name a few. He, along with George Lucas, directed Indiana Jones movies as well. Before Spielberg began directing, he was rejected three times by the University of Southern California School of Theater, Film and Television. Eventually he attended school at another location, but dropped out before finishing to became a director. After thirty-five years, he returned to school in 2002 to complete his coursework and to earn his BA.



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