Fall Fashion

This year’s fall fashion trends for the ladies has a really comfy, laid back feel. Throwing on some stretchy leggings, with a pair knee high boots and a cute top is definitely a go-to look when getting ready for a long school day. If you’re in the mood to dress up an outfit for a chilly day, a cardigan is definitely a good choice. By adding layers, the wearer can completely transform the simple outfit into something much more exciting.

For the young men, the autumn trends fall into the same category, pretty relaxed but clean cut.  Some of the outfits are made up with mainly denim and khaki jeans paired with polo shirts, button ups, and t-shirts with jackets. To dress up a simple outfit, gentlemen can enhance their clothing by cuffing the bottom of their pant legs or folding up long sleeve shirts. To complete the outfit, a pair of fresh kicks is a must. This is what pulls the outfit together.