Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a stand alone movie taking place in the Harry Potter Universe 54 years before the birth of Harry Potter and 65 years before he enters Hogwarts. The movie was absolutely fantastic and left this viewer in awe. J.K. Rowling showcased her wonderful powers as the god of writing once again with another brilliant story.

I personally thought that Fantastic Beasts blew the Harry Potter movies (not the books) out of the park. The movies explored more of the universe and was a story I hadn’t heard before so that was appealing to me. The creatures and graphics in the movie were so beautiful and looked great on a screen.

The movie followed Newt Scamander as he traveled to New York to further research magical creatures. With him, he carried a case full of the creatures he was researching. Newt’s case gets mixed up with a nomag (*cough* muggle *cough*) and when Jacob Kowalski, the nomag, opens the case, some of the creatures escape. Newt Scamander goes hunting after them while trying not to expose magic to the tense 1920’s community of New York.

The movie has a fast paced plot to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, wonderful creatures brought to life, and, of course, plenty of magic. Fantastic Beasts was a great move for everyone, not just Harry Potter fans. But isn’t everyone a Harry Potter fan?

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