FCCLA State Fair

FCCLA group photo from the state fair.

Twenty students traveled with Ms. Powers and Ms.Tharp to the FCCLA State Fair, a promotional fair to encourage students to join FCCLA. Each student had to create a project that promotes Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Thirteen of Millbrook’s students entered the accessories category, four entered the clothing category, and three made posters. None of Millbrook’s students won, but they all had fun on the rides and enjoying the variety of activities the fare offered. Some even tried milking a cow.

Amanda Olejarz, a junior, made an apron with FCCLA written in red across the front. “I enjoyed the pig races. It was a great experience and I had fun with my friends,” said Amanda. Indigo Kuppa, a junior, made a shirt with FCCLA written on it in pink. “We dressed up like gangsters for a photo and the rides were really fun,” said Indigo. Alicia Gonzalez, a senior, decorated a pair of shoes with glitter and a flower and then wrote FCCLA across the front. Alicia had fun going around and looking at the projects. “There were a lot of creative projects that they did.”

If students are interested in joining FCCLA they can talk to Ms. Powers or Ms. Tharp. “I would recommend that people join FCCLA and go to the fair because it’s kind of like our fair but there’s more to do,” said Alicia.

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