FFA National Convention

Juniors Sarah Allder and Cara George met up with teammates Madalyn Swaner and Stuart Hackney, who are both college freshmen, and traveled with Ms. Bethke to Indianapolis for the FFA National Convention. They all piled into a bus with James Wood High School, Sherando High School, James Wood Middle School, and Admiral Byrd Middle School to travel together for ten hours to Indiana. There, the Millbrook FFA members participated in the Vet Science CDE at the National level.

This CDE consisted of 16 math problems, 50 multiple choice questions, 50 ID questions, two written essays, a 15 minute presentation about a cow with salmonellosis, and 8 hands-on practicums.

According to Sarah Allder, the contest was nerve-wracking. “Going in, I felt like I was going to vomit right on the floor, right on the judge. I was going to vomit.” She was more worried about the written essays than anything else because there was no way to practice. After the competition was over, Allder stressed, then was confident about it, but then stressed some more. Cara George, on the other hand, was confident the whole way through. “I felt that since we defeated the whole state of Virginia, we would be alright when competing at the national level.”

Madalyn Swaner and Stuart Hackney are both in college studying to be veterinarians. They both feel that taking pre-vet classes in college definitely helped. Coming home, they taught Allder and George everything they could.

The Millbrook FFA Vet Science team finished in the bronze category. Sarah Allder, Cara George, and Madalyn Swaner all placed in the silver category individually, and Stuart Hackney placed in the bronze category.

About the Author

Cara George
Cara is a junior at Millbrook and is actively involved in FFA. She wishes to study veterinarian science after high school.